The Uplifting Pouch

The Uplifting Pouch

There is always a friend or family member who is going through difficult times. What better way to lift up their spirit with a gift like this? Let them know that they are loved and special to God! This handmade pouch was made with uplifting thoughts for those who are at their lowest.

What does the pouch contain?

1 bath bomb to help you relax
1 key chain with a warm message-Jesus loves you!
1 magnet with a biblical message
3 bible verses reminding you who you are in Christ
1 uplifting bookmark
And of course the pouch can be used for toiletries, cosmetics, or anything you’d like!

The Uplifting Pouch is available for $20 plus shipping, and can be sent to the person of you choice directly, plus you can add your own message to the package!

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